It will be a very crazy and unusual Skoda

Twenty Skoda Academy students were given the task of creating the seventh student concept car. The choice this time fell on the compact Scala model, which students will demonstrate in the Spider version. Participants created the first sketches under the supervision of Oliver Stephanie, project manager at Skoda Auto. The car along with the official name will be presented in June 2020. Academy students not only design a car, but also build it themselves.

For several months, twenty Skoda Academy students creatively worked on the seventh concept car as part of the Student Concept Car project. This is the seventh project of its kind, which indicates a high level of education at the Skoda Academy, which has been operating for over 90 years.

Despite the fact that in the process of designing new models, computers and technological modeling are increasingly used, drawing is still an important part of the work of designers. With each subsequent line drawn, the idea turns into something real. Oliver Stephanie explains that sketching is the first step on a long and exciting path to creating a new car.

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