iPhone 12 without bangs confirmed

The iPhone 12 line includes models with and without bangs

The Slashleaks website published new sketches of three models of the iPhone 12 line of smartphones, which were found in beta version of iOS 14.1.1, leaked to the Web.

We see that the smallest model has the largest neckline at the top of the screen, the middle model has a clearly smaller neckline, and the older model with the largest diagonal screen and is completely devoid of the notorious bangs.

This is quite similar to the previous information, according to which the iPhone 12 Pro Max model will get a really frameless display, which is devoid of cutouts and holes. This information was leaked to the web a couple of days ago.

In addition, the same source published the image of the new iPhone smartphone in red. The device has a triple main camera, there is no cut-out in the center, but the top left corner of the screen is hidden. But it is unlikely that Apple will start repeating itself for Samsung, Huawei and other competitors who cut the front cameras into the screen.

Earlier sources reported that the supply chain of Apple continues to recover, so mass production of the flagship smartphone iPhone 12 may begin in May of this year, and the presentation of the novelty will be held in autumn.

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