iPhone 12 Pro Max without bangs found in beta version of iOS 14.1.1

It also talks about keyboard support, Apple Pencil and lidar

On the Slashleaks website, they published a sketch of the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone, which was found in the beta version of iOS 14.1.1, leaked to the Web.

The image shows a smartphone with the same frames on all sides of the screen. Since this is a sketch, the frames are shown without observing their actual width. The source says that in fact the display will be almost frameless. Above the screen will be located only the cutout for the speaker.

If you believe this image, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max will lose the famous bangs - a cutout in the central upper part of the screen, where image sensors and other sensors are located. It will be difficult to say whether they will be embedded in the screen or whether Apple can place them below the surface of the display. There is another version, according to which since this is just a sketch, the smartphone on it is depicted extremely conditionally, so there are no cameras or bangs. However, earlier on the first sketches of previous generations of the iPhone, these elements were present, so fans who want to get a truly frameless iPhone have to wait and believe.

The source also confirms that the beta version of iOS 14.1.1 confirms the presence in the new smartphone of the main camera, which includes three image sensors and a lidar, used to more accurately determine the depth of the scene.

In addition, the source claims that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with a three-pin magnetic keyboard connector and support for the Apple Pencil electronic pen.

We draw your attention to the fact that this is unofficial information, so you need to be careful with it.

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