IOS 14 brings mouse support to a new level

Analyzing the code for the new version of the iOS operating system, the 9to5Mac team found references to a function that indicates enhanced mouse support.

Already in iOS 13, users got the opportunity to use mice from the iPhone and iPad, but in iOS 14 Apple will improve this function, and mice and trackpads will work just like on a Mac, that is, users will have new opportunities.

The source clarifies that some differences will still remain, for example, the automatic disappearance of the pointer a few seconds after the last touch of the mouse or the connected trackpad.

In addition, among the new functions it may be possible to choose the shape of the pointer, for example, arrows or hands, or support for some special gestures, for example, two-finger tap to right-click.

It is also reported that in the source code of iOS 14 there are references to two new Smart Keyboard keyboard models, which should be announced in the near future. They will be designed for the iPad Pro with screens of 11 and 12.9 inches.

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