Intel: “Our 10nm process technology will never be as productive as 22nm or 14nm”

     Intel's 10nm processors for the mobile segment have been on the market for quite some time. Server 10nm solutions will appear this year. And also this year, we are waiting for the mobile Tiger Lake CPUs, made according to the 10+ nanometer manufacturing process.

     Despite this, it cannot be said that the 10-nanometer process technology has finally become the main one for Intel, and work on it has been completed. Chief Financial Officer George Davis made a very frank statement regarding the prospects for 10nm products.

    "We are definitely in the 10 nm era, we launched the Ice Lake processors, this year we are waiting for the release of Tiger Lake and the first GPUs. We also see an increase in the percentage of yield. However, the 10nm process technology will not be the best Intel ever released. It will remain less productive than 22 nm and 14 nm manufacturing processes."

     That is, the most up-to-date Intel process technology will never be as productive and successful as previous technological processes. And if you add to these words the fact that we still don’t know Intel’s exact plans regarding 10-nanometer desktop CPUs, the assumptions that there will be no such processors at all remain valid. In addition, Davis separately noted that the company has hopes for a 7 nm process technology.

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