Intel has created a neural computer for 100 million neurons

Intel Corporation, which produces electronic components for computing devices, has created a neural computer with 100 million neurons. This system is equivalent in power to the brain of a small mammal.

 In the summer of 2019, the company showed another development - Pohoiki Beach, which is a system consisting of 64 Loihi processors. The total number of neurons in it reaches 8.32 million, and there are 8.32 billion synapses. The manufacturer then promised to release soon an extremely complex system using neuromorphic processors. The latest development was named Pohoiki Springs, it was introduced on Wednesday. The integrated system is a very powerful structure and is used in the Intel training segment.

The novelty consists of 768 Loihi processors, it includes about 100 million neurons and 100 billion synapses. However, the entire system is technically mounted in a rack, but there is no information whether the corporation plans to implement this project and begin mass production of a neural computer. Along with this, access to a high-tech complex will be opened for members of the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community.

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