Intel agrees with TSMC to release products at 6 nm and 3 nm

Making a reservation that these are rumors, the source said that Intel is coordinating the development of the next-generation Xe graphics processors with TSMC's technology development cycle. Allegedly, Intel is negotiating the release of these GPUs at 6 nm and 3 nm. Note that the first Intel Xe GPUs, which will appear on the market, are designed for Intel’s own 10 nm + process technology.

Intel’s interest in the 3-nanometer TSMC process technology is understandable if you remember how much Intel took to develop and develop its own 10-nanometer process technology. But with the 6-nanometer process technology there is no such clarity. It is expected that in mass production the TSMC N6 nm process technology will be mastered at the end of this year or at the beginning of the future, when Intel expects to start mass production using the 10 nm + process technology. Perhaps Intel decided not to release the Xe to distract its own capacities, but to load them with the CPU release.

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