In Turkey, developed a combat drone with a machine gun

Turkish defense company Asisguard has developed the Songar compact tactical drone, designed to destroy enemy ambushes in patrol zones and convoys.

In a demo video, four Turkish soldiers while on a jeep on a dirt road are staged in an ambush. After stopping, they quickly remove the Songar drone and launch it in search of the enemy. Having discovered the attackers, the drone operator opens fire on them from automatic weapons with a caliber of 5.56 mm.

The weight of the drone is 25 kg, the range is 16 km, and the maximum height is 2800 meters. Songar is equipped with a camera that continuously broadcasts real-time video without interruption.

The drone can use both the American GPS navigation system and the Russian GLONASS due to the possibility of blocking them from one of the countries. The control system is not autonomous - the decision to open fire is made by the operator.

Songar is equipped with a modified assault rifle with a heavy barrel, which eliminates the possibility of overheating during prolonged shooting. It is equipped with a stabilization system that allows you to keep the selected target in the crosshairs of the sight with the ability to rotate 60 degrees. Ammunition for 200 rounds is placed in a drum-type magazine.

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