In the popular game Minecraft created a life-size planet Earth

The game Minecraft built the Earth in life-size. Now users are encouraged to build their cities.
Earth in Minecraft in 1:1 scale was shown on YouTube video. The author of the video said that he recreated the planet using two mods: Terra 1 to 1 and Cubic Chunks.

With the help of the first fashion you can create a landscape on Google Maps. Thanks to this, even actual roads appear. The second mod cancels the upper limit in the game of construction.

However, these mods are still unstable. In some places, the landscape does not correspond to the real one. Some fashion constructions in general perceive as the unevenness of the earth. However, the project still looks impressive.

The author of the video said that he would recreate his native Seattle on virtual Earth. Other people can do it, too.

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