In India, invented a brilliant way to deal with car beeps

India is the second most populous state after China, with several densely populated metropolitan areas experiencing huge transport problems. The fact is that in conditions of complete chaos on the roadway, drivers prefer to express their not always positive emotions with the help of car horns, which makes the situation on the road even more unbearable.

Mumbai City Police have come up with an interesting idea to combat noise pollution. It concerns mainly drivers standing at intersections in front of traffic lights. Since many of them are in a hurry somewhere, they express their impatience in the usual way - using beeps.

Local police declared war on this noisy hooliganism, installing acoustic sensors on poles near intersections in November-December last year as an experiment. From now on, if the noise level exceeds 85 decibels, the red light simply does not give way to green.

The experiment was conducted for 15 minutes a day at several important city crossroads. A Mumbai police spokesperson told CNN that the new method will be tested in 10 locations next month as well. If successful, it will be deployed throughout the city.

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