In Britain, electric cars can now be charged by streetlights

One of the streets in London's Westminster City district was called Electric Avenue, W9, after Siemens and Ubitricity installed charging points for electric cars connected to streetlights.

A study by Siemens showed that more than a third of British motorists see an electric car or hybrid car as their next vehicle. However, 40% of them say they would make this decision much faster if they had chargers on the streets of London. According to London drivers, 100-200 charging stations will not solve this problem, and not all owners of electric cars have the opportunity to fill the electric car at home or at work.

Since 2015, Ubitricity (Berlin, Germany) is equipping streetlights in London, turning them into charging points, and now together with Siemens they have brought their number to 1300.

Owners of electric cars and hybrid cars can connect them via a smart cable to a special socket on the street lamp and charge them overnight. In this case, the meter unit in the cable will register the amount of energy consumed and then bill.

There are already 296 such charging points in Westminster City, and Sutherland Avenue is the first street light in the country with such an unusual function. In the coming weeks, new charging points will appear on two more roads adjacent to the street. The City Council hopes that next year there will be 1000 charging points in the interior of London.

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