If you like Asus smartphones, you have to wait for the new flagship

According to a source, the Asus smartphone business is currently in the process of restructuring, which will end in the second quarter of this year. Because of this, the manufacturer had to postpone the release of at least one important model - ZenFone 7.

ZenFone 6 debuted in May last year, but its successor will appear only in the third quarter. When exactly, it is still unclear, but it can be assumed that Asus will either try to release it as soon as possible, or, on the contrary, will wait to wait for the SoC Snapdragon 865 Plus to come out.

By the way, in the third quarter, the gaming ROG Phone 3 will also be released, which also may well receive the updated top-end Qualcomm platform.

The source adds that Asus will focus on high-end smartphones. However, even now the company does not spend much effort on budget models.

The company's goal is to at least get rid of losses. In 2018, the Asus smartphone business brought her about 333 million dollars in losses. It is expected that next year the figure will drop to 100-133 million dollars, and from 2022, Asus may return to profitability.

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