Hyundai proposes to replace the usual car steering wheel with comfortable joysticks

Although the Geneva car dealership was canceled due to coronavirus, this did not stop many car manufacturers from showing their new products on the Internet. For example, Hyundai Motor Company has prepared an unusual concept for the Prophecy sports car based on an electric car. The device attracts attention by the fact that it does not have a classic steering wheel - its functions are transferred to the joysticks.

Since in electric cars, the steering wheel and wheels are no longer mechanically interconnected, the steering wheel itself is no longer needed. It is easily replaced by buttons on the joysticks, one of which is located on the door, the second on the center console. This is partly reminiscent of control in computer games and should provide an intuitive way to drive.

The lack of a steering wheel allowed us to change the whole concept of the car’s interior. Since there is no longer any visual obstacle in front of the driver, the dashboard can be placed differently. A considerable part of the controls was relocated to the center console, the car became more spacious, although it still has 4 seats. In the future, glass will probably become interactive screens for augmented reality systems.

Externally, the prototype looks like a typical sports car - much attention is paid to the air intake paths for cooling various modules. Even the shape of the wheel hubs works like fan blades, driving cold air under the body of an electric vehicle for greater stability. And Prophecy got a modern design, in which the outer part of the car is decorated with mosaics with lighting, controlled by the on-board system.

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