Huawei sells thermo mug for $ 18

The Chinese company Huawei, which specializes in the production of mobile devices, unexpectedly released a mug with smart thermal insulation. SmartCup is equipped with a display that displays the temperature and the change in water purity. The system analyzes these indicators in seconds.

The mug is a three-layer stainless steel construction that can retain heat for a day. However, it is quite difficult to break. According to the manufacturers, SmartCup is drop-resistant and the surface of its case is scratch-resistant.

Color tips are displayed on the top of the lid: blue displays temperatures below 35 ° C, orange displays 36 to 50 ° C, and red displays above 50 ° C. To determine the water quality, you need to separately run the TDS function, while turning the mug for 5 seconds.

And if you are closely watching the maintenance of the water balance of your body, then you can set alarms on the mug. Then the device will in every way signal every time the time comes for fluid intake. Also, the device can be synchronized with the mobile application via Bluetooth 5.0.

A full charge of the device’s battery lasts for 30 days, which is a pretty good indicator for such devices. A smart mug for sale at a very affordable price of $ 18.

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