Huawei P40 has defeated all competitors in the artificial intelligence test

The novelty has overtaken its congeners, too.

Presented Huawei smartphones of P40 series are based on SoC Kirin 990 5G. This is an improved version of usual SoC Kirin 990, known to us from basic models of Mate 30 series.

Kirin 990 5G differs from the usual Kirin 990, firstly, by the other production process (7nm+ EUV), secondly, by the increased frequency of two processor clusters of three, thirdly, by the integrated 5G modem, and fourthly, by the additional large NPU core.

And exactly last has made novelty Huawei the leader of a rating AI Benchmark defining productivity of work with programs of an artificial intellect.

True, as you can see, Huawei P40 is about 25% ahead of other smartphones based on the same Kirin 990 5G, and it is unclear why. In any case, it is now the Huawei P40 line of devices that are the most productive in the world when it comes to AI applications. However, if you look at the usual performance, measuring it in AnTuTu, it turns out that the novelties Huawei, on the contrary, the slowest of the already released new flagship 2020.

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