Huawei is no longer the second in the smartphone market. Even Xiaomi overtook her

Huawei is now in fourth place

Coronavirus continues to rage and seriously affect various areas of the business, including the smartphone market. Referring to Strategy Analytics, the source reports that according to the results of February, the supply of smartphones in the world fell by 38%, to 62 million units, sales - by 39%, to 65 million units.

But something else is more interesting for us. The fact is that the leader list has undergone major changes, and it is unlikely that they are directly related to the coronavirus. The fact is that Huawei has shifted from second to fourth immediately!

Now the leaderboard looks like this: Samsung (18.2 million), Apple (10.2 million), Xiaomi (6 million), Huawei (5.5 million), Oppo (4 million) and Vivo (3.6 million). Unfortunately, the source does not indicate how much Huawei's sales in annual terms have collapsed, but this is clearly an impressive indicator. For comparison, literally in December, the company sold 14.2 million smartphones, that is, since that moment, the fall has almost tripled.

In fairness, it is worth noting that, when compared with December, sales sagged almost all the market leaders, as can be seen from the table.

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