Huawei has 91 commercial 5G contracts

    The Chinese company Huawei has concluded 91 contracts for the commercial use of 5G technology. On Saturday, February 22, according to Xinhua News Agency.

     It is noted that more than half of the contracts for the development of fifth-generation cellular networks have been signed in Europe.

     In early February, it was reported that the UK decided to create its 5G network using Huawei. The British provided the company with limited participation in the network creation project, outlining objects related to national security. In addition, the European Union refused a full ban on Huawei from participating in its next-generation communication projects. Thus, a serious blow was inflicted on US attempts to isolate the Chinese high-tech.

     US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, speaking February 15 at the Munich Security Conference, called Huawei the Chinese intelligence Trojan horse.

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