Huawei gives unprecedented conditions in its alternative to Google Play

Although Huawei recently started promoting AppGallery as an alternative to Google Play for its Android smartphones, it has already become the third largest mobile app store in the world. The manufacturer does not stop there and continues to lure developers.

The new formula for the revenue section, published on the official website, provides simply unprecedented conditions for developers.

In the first year of work, developers can get up to 100% of revenue from applications. This offer does not apply to games where even in the first 12 months, developers must pay Huawei 15% of the money received from users. In the second year of work, developers will receive up to 90% of revenue.

For such preferential conditions, developers are required to enter into an agreement with Huawei until June 30, 2020. The standard conditions for AppGallery are as follows - 20%: 80% for educational applications, 30%: 70% for games and everything else.

In comparison, Google on Google Play offers a 30%: 70% scheme for developers, just like Apple in the App Store.

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