HP remains the market leader for large-format printers and MFPs

     IDC analysts summed up the fourth quarter of 2019 in the large format printing market. IDC analysts include printers and MFPs in A2 or larger format in this category.

      As follows from the report, sales of these products in the past quarter as compared to the previous quarter as a whole increased slightly, but the situation was not uniform across the regions. Thus, deliveries in the EMEA region, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa, grew by 14%, with the largest growth recorded in Western Europe. In Canada and South America, growth was 10%, but it was not able to compensate for the reduction in the US market, so that in general, a decrease of 3.5% was recorded in the Americas. In the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, sales grew by 1.5%. At the same time, in Japan, sales were down 16%.

     HP remains the market leader. It accounts for 31% of shipments in quantitative terms. Interestingly, in monetary terms, this is only 21% of the market. In second place is Canon (22% of supplies, 13% of industry revenue). The third place belongs to Epson (17% of supplies, 8% of revenue).

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