How Samsung Galaxy S20 + shoots in 8K. Video from Lofoten demonstrates smartphone capabilities

Is 8K video becoming mainstream? Of course not, but the flagships of 2020 already know how to shoot video in this resolution. Apple often uses photographers, directors and artists to advertise the photo and video capabilities of its iPhone, and Samsung decided to use the Christou Visuals team to shoot beautiful nature videos.

The team took the Samsung Galaxy S20 + and went to the Lofoten Islands to shoot a beautiful movie in 8K resolution, thus demonstrating the video capabilities of the smartphone.

Of course, only a few will be able to fully appreciate this video, since 8K TVs are still extremely expensive and very few. But overall, the picture is quite impressive.

Of course, a stabilizer was used for shooting, since in the 8K mode the smartphone does not have any own stabilization.

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