How does the Israeli anti-drone air defense system Drone Dome

Israeli company Rafael has successfully tested a mobile defense system against small flying drone drone dome.

The test video is published on the company’s channel on YouTube.

The frames show how the system installed in the rear of the car detects and destroys a target at a great distance.

The Drone Dome system is designed to neutralize small multicopter, micro- and nano-UAVs, which can be used by terrorists or the enemy to collect intelligence, attack from the air and other purposes.

The system includes the RPS-42 radar system, the MEOS multipurpose surveillance system, and the C-GUARD RD wide-range jamming device.

It provides airspace monitoring at 360 °, works in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day.

The process of neutralizing an enemy drone is carried out in several stages: at the first stage, the system detects UAVs, identifies its type and determines the threat level, then the information is transmitted to the operator, after which the control of the UAV is created manually or automatically, if the UAV enters the protected zone, then it neutralize by blocking the GPS system and the radio control of the drone. If all this does not help, a laser system is used to hit the enemy with a beam.

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