Hackers are increasingly breaking into their own colleagues

Something is going wrong in the hacker community. Cybereason cybersecurity experts found that hackers were increasingly breaking into PCs ... their “colleagues,” using pre-infected hacking and phishing tools. Especially often, the powerful njRat Trojan comes into play, which appeared on the Internet around 2013.

Getting njRat onto your computer is quite simple: some cybercriminals toss it to others along with databases and key generation programs, which they often just download on the network.

After malicious files are downloaded and opened, the former attacker immediately becomes a victim, as his PC becomes defenseless against DDoS attacks and theft of confidential information. In addition, the owner of the trojan gets access to the microphone and the webcam of the computer.

Cybereason reported that this trend has been going on for several years. Worse, hacker attacks are not limited to hacking tools. The trojan is found in programs masquerading as installers of the Chrome browser and even as native applications for Windows. At the same time, more and more inventive versions of this melver regularly appear on the network.

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