Grim forecasts on iPhone 12 release dates

The mass production of iPhone 12 does not yet smell.

Renowned analysts one by one believe that there is still quite a lot of time left before the mass production of new smartphones iPhone 12. For example, Xiaomi Industry Investment partner and analyst Pan Jiutang said he disagrees with the recent information that Foxconn has already sufficiently restored production capacity and began preparing for mass production of the iPhone 12.

According to him, in normal years, mass production of the new iPhone starts in July, increases in August and September, and peaks from October to December. This year, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the industry hard. So, according to the analyst, the usual schedule will change, so the September announcement of the iPhone 12 is in big doubt.

Brad Hastwirt, chief technology analyst at Wedbush Securities, said in a recent report for investors that even if China returns to normal, the pandemic will affect all other regions. And while Chinese production is recovering, the supply chain of electronic components could be severely disrupted.

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