Google has learned simultaneous translation. Now you can transcribe lectures and songs in real time

The Google Translate application has been updated - there appeared the Transcribe button, which converts speech in real time. With its help, you can translate lectures, broadcasts, conversations and any audio recordings.

The translator had the opportunity to dictate the text and receive its translation, but the function was not suitable for long speeches and could not cope, for example, with live discussion or live broadcasting. Now it’s enough to bring the smartphone to the sound source and get a decryption.

Simultaneous translation is available in English, Russian, French, German, Thai, Hindi, Spanish and Portuguese, the list will be gradually expanded. Only Android owners can use the feature so far. On iOS, they will also add an update in the near future, the developers promise.

Services from Google can be great helpers in learning English. Already, you can:

  • read news in two languages ​​at once
  • learn the correct pronunciation right in the search bar
  • translate texts from pictures

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