Google fined in Sweden for $ 8.3 million for violation of user rights

The Swedish Data Protection Inspectorate fined Google 75 million kroons ($ 8.3 million) for violating the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This was reported in a press release issued on Wednesday by the department.

"The general regulation on data protection increases the requirement for organizations collecting and processing personal data and strengthens the rights of citizens. One of the most important here is the user’s right to delete search results. Now we see that Google does not respect this right," the TV channel quoted SVT words by Lena Lindgren Schelin, Director General of the Data Protection Inspectorate.

Back in 2017, the Swedish department ordered Google to remove user search results. In particular, those that contain such personal data as names, or are immaterial. However, during an audit in 2018, it turned out that the order was not fulfilled, and therefore the Inspectorate decided to impose a fine on Google.

The company has three weeks to appeal this decision.

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