Google Earth service works in Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers

Three years ago, Google refused to support its Google Earth service as a standalone application, promising to focus on developing its web version. A lot of time passed and the company finally fulfilled the promise by releasing an add-on for popular browsers. We are talking about Firefox, Edge and Opera, and in the future there will be a version for Safari from Apple.

The main difficulty was political disagreement - the first browser version of the service was designed for Chrome and only for it. Because of this, it was not possible to quickly transfer the service to other browsers, but in the end it was completely necessary to start work from scratch. For this, the latest WebAssembly tool came in handy.

The World Wide Web Consortium recommended WebAssembly only recently - on December 5, 2019, as the fourth native language for working with browsers after HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Together with fragments of C ++ code, it formed the basis of the service, but the work is not yet complete. And therefore, everywhere except Chrome, the stability of Google Earth is not guaranteed, so you may have to have a little patience.

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