Google Drallion with Intel Core i7 chip seen at Geekbench

In the popular Geekbench benchmark, a mysterious device was tested on which the Chrome OS operating system will be used as a software platform.

The gadget appears under the code name Google Drallion. Apparently, this is a portable computer that the American giant Google intends to release under its own brand.

The benchmark talks about using the Intel processor generation Comet Lake-U (Core tenth generation). In particular, the Core i7-10810U chip appears, which has not yet been officially introduced. The product is credited with the presence of six cores with the ability to simultaneously process up to 12 threads of instructions. In the test, the processor frequency is 4.9 GHz (obviously, in turbo mode).

It is curious that in the data of Geekbench the operating system is called Android 9. But Internet sources report that this is an inaccuracy: in fact, it uses Chrome OS, as indicated by earlier leaks and the fact of using the productive Core i7 chip.

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