Gita's personal robot will carry your purchases from the store

Piaggio Fast Forward presented the first demo version of its Gita robotic carrier two years ago. Today, the Gita is an improved series model designed to carry everyday loads weighing up to 18 kg.

The main goal of the creators of Gita is for the robot to take over the transportation of the cargo, when the hands of a person are busy and follow him using visual sensors.

The idea is definitely a good one - however, Gita still has its problems. Among them - the inability to climb stairs, overcome kerbs, stairs, high grass, deep sand and mud. For now, its capabilities are limited to moving on inclined surfaces (up and down), not exceeding 16 degrees.

In addition, engineers have reduced the robot's travel speed in the official version to 9.5 km/h. The Gita provides audible and light signals as it moves, indicating battery level and operating mode. The robot is connected to the owner's smartphone via Bluetooth.

Although this pairing is not necessary for basic functions, it can lock/unlock the cargo cover, play music through the robot's speakers and give other people access to your luggage.

The Gita weighs 22.7 kg. It can be charged via a standard socket for 2 hours, which is enough for 4 hours of operation. Start of sales is scheduled for November 18, the price of the robot will be 3250 dollars.

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