GeForce GTX 480 unexpectedly got 512 CUDA cores

 10 years after its release, the GeForce GTX 480 grew by 32 CUDA cores

Interesting news was published by the source: it is reported that in China, a video card GeForce GTX 480, but not a simple, and with 512 cores CUDA instead of the 480, which was originally laid it. Somehow, users were able to unlock 32 missing cores, resulting in an increase in graphics card performance. However, was it worth the sheepskin dressing?

Reportedly, the performance gain was 6% - not bad for a model that has long been decommissioned and is still alive in decommissioned computers. But the energy consumption has grown by a much more impressive 43.1%! That is, if the standard version of power consumption of GeForce GTX 480 can reach 450 W, then "with extra CUDA cores" it can increase to almost 650 W! Actually, high power consumption is the main reason for the initial limitation of the number of CUDA cores - with them, the 40-nanometer GPU significantly increases its appetite.

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