Fujitsu's new technology allows magnetic tape to compete with hard drives

Fujitsu has announced the new Virtual Integrated File System technology, which will allow the old proven magnetic tape to compete with hard drives as a cheaper alternative for storing large amounts of data.

The long conflict between Sony and Fujitsu over LTO (the standard for recording information on magnetic tape - approx. Ed. Techkult) was successfully resolved at the end of last year. Now everyone's attention is focused on LTO-9, which is expected to become available later this year. It will provide a data recording density of up to 26.1 Tb (uncompressed) and a write speed of up to 708 Mb / s.

This is much more than the largest existing disc with a capacity of 20 TB - while information is also recorded faster and stored cheaper. The Fujitsu Virtual Integrated File System (VIFS) allows you to "merge multiple tape cartridges into one." This means that users can access any data without thinking about which cartridge they are on.

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