Fujitsu has developed a compression algorithm to reduce video sizes by 90%

Video occupies an overwhelming share of the volume in cloud storage systems, consumes the most computing power and digital traffic in the world, therefore everything that helps to moderate its gigantic “appetites” will save a significant amount of time and money.

According to Fujitsu, its specialists managed to develop a new compression algorithm that allows reducing video size by 90%. True, it should be clarified that the video obtained after such compression can only be recognized by artificial intelligence. The reason is a high degree of image degradation.

A key aspect of Fujitsu's new technology is the ability to automatically analyze and recognize images using AI. In practice, compression will be carried out on the periphery (that is, on the video device itself) using a specialized chip, and recognition will occur in the cloud. In this case, both processes will be combined into a closed loop.

The technology will enable users to analyze video data by combining in the cloud information from several video sources, data from cameras or sensors, and various business data such as sales statistics.

The need for such technology arose with the advent of ultra-high-resolution cameras on smartphones (for example, Samsung S 20 Ultra with its 108-pixel sensor) and 4K video surveillance cameras. The technology will become available to users at the end of 2020.

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