Facebook is struggling to cope with the increased traffic

Facebook reports a sharp jump in traffic in the regions most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, the growing use of the company's services does not bring it any money.
According to a press release on the company's website, more and more people are using Facebook applications as the pandemic spreads and quarantine is being implemented everywhere. In many of the countries hardest hit by the virus, total social networking messages have increased by more than 50 percent over the past month. Voice and video calls to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have more than doubled.

Facebook stresses that the company tries to ensure smooth operation primarily of the information center Facebook on COVID-19, as well as timely posting information from the World Health Organization on WhatsApp. To reduce the risk of potential network overload, the social network temporarily reduced the speed of video transmission to Facebook and Instagram in some regions - in particular, Europe and Latin America. However, a jump in Facebook usage does not mean increased revenue.

"We are not monetizing many of the services that are experiencing an increase in activity, and we have already noticed a weakening of advertising business in countries that have introduced strict measures to limit the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19," - said representatives of Facebook.

In addition to Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV+ and Disney+ have reported a decline in video quality in Europe to facilitate Internet downloads. It was noted that internet traffic in European countries has increased sharply in recent weeks. According to Bloomberg, users began to spend 20% more time on streaming services, and in some countries, such as Spain and Austria, this figure exceeded 40%.

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