Elon Musk gave California more than a thousand Artificial Lung Ventilation machines

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, handed over to the California state authorities more than 1.2 thousand machines of artificial lung ventilation, which he bought in China. California Governor Gavin Newsome told us about it.

The governor said the machines had already been delivered to Los Angeles. He called the founder of Tesla a heroic act, he wrote.

According to the entrepreneur, it's not about artificial lung ventilation machines produced by one of his companies. Musk bought 1255 apparatuses of different manufacturers in China, after which they were delivered to the U.S..

Earlier Musk expressed a different opinion on the pandemic, calling the panic over the spread of coronavirus stupid. He also opposed the closure of the Tesla plant in the United States, but eventually agreed to the demands of the authorities.

The USA is now ranked third after China and Italy in terms of COVID-19 infections. There are about 46.5 thousand infected in the country. 593 people have died.

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