Dyson Lightcycle Morph guarantees 60 years of service

The Dyson brand introduced the innovative Lightcycle Morph luminaire, which stands out from its counterparts in two ways - price and durability. The regular desktop version costs $ 660, the floor version is $ 850, but given that the lamp (according to the developers) will work for 60 years without replacing the lamps, the price tags look, perhaps, even modest.

The luminaire is based on the brand's patented technology: “heat pipes”. They provide the removal of excess heat from the LEDs, protect them from fading and deterioration of operating conditions. Hence the declared 60 years of operation, plus the lamp is able to adjust its brightness and adapt to lighting conditions. He does this not only on the basis of his sensors, but also using meteorological data, as well as applying binding to the geographical coordinates of the place of operation.

The mobile mechanism of the gadget has several degrees of freedom and can be deployed above the table to illuminate an object or space, and when folded, it is fixed with a magnet. At the same time, a lamp with LEDs enters the groove and is completely immersed in the base tube, which is pierced by thousands of tiny holes. As a result, a soft orange glow is created from nowhere, but it also changes at the command of the control system, adapting to changes in daylight.

Of the additional bonuses, it is worth noting the presence of a USB-C port for recharging gadgets. As well as the ability to adapt the lighting mode to the user's age - 60-year-olds need more light than 20-year-olds. The full list of options at the presentation of the product was not announced, but there is no doubt that they are.

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