DuckDuckGo reports which sites are tracking users

DuckDuckGo is a slightly less well-known browser designed primarily for people for whom privacy is on the priority list. Now the developers of this program decided to unveil a database of sites that track users.

Currently, almost every website has some elements that track user activity, collect data and then, for example, show us personalized ads. The fact that different companies are following us is basically an unpleasant standard. DuckDuckGo decided to unveil the list of companies most active in the field of data collection, just on the occasion of the release of its TrackerRadar tool, a database for scripts that track our online activity. The company also intends to regularly update this database and release additional tools into it.

50 thousand of the most popular sites were examined and from this data a list of so-called trackers, that is, user tracking elements, was compiled. The first places should not surprise anyone: at the top of the list is Google, whose trackers are present on more than 85% of sites (of the 50,000 polled). In second place is Facebook and 36% of sites, and in third is Adobe Inc and 21.8%.

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