DJI patented its first ground-based drone

One of the world leaders in the field of portable drones production, the Chinese company DJI announced its "ground" ambitions by submitting a patent for a wheeled drone that has no name yet.

According to the patent application, we are talking about a radio-controlled robot, which embodies the all-in-one concept with a well-designed functional stabilized suspension that holds the camera. According to experts, DJI has challenged the Freefly wheeled platform Tero.

Unlike Freefly products, the new rover seems to have its own camera and stabilizer, like the Mavic drone and other DJI drones. At the same time, these pendants have much in common - for example, the ability to shoot in several planes, including on rough terrain.

DJI’s decision to enter a “new” environment is quite reasonable. Such platforms can provide high-quality "ground" shooting, which is not possible for DJI flying drones.

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