Dangerous update. Microsoft again brought Windows 10 to the "blue screen of death"

Microsoft at the end of February released an optional update KB4535996 for the Windows 10 operating system versions 1909 and 1903. Users began to complain about numerous problems after installation.

First, there were reports that after installing the update in some games, the frame rate / sec decreases and there are malfunctions in the sound. Then there were complaints about performance problems and the “blue screen of death” at the stage of user authorization in the system.

Now it turned out that the problems with updating Windows 10 KB4535996 are not limited to this. After installation, computers start to fail in sleep mode. The system automatically “wakes up” a few minutes after activating sleep mode and continues after that to automatically “wake up” every couple of hours.

Initially, Windows 10 KB4535996 was supposed to improve the search in the system, as well as fix other important shortcomings and errors.

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