Cycleagle electric skateboard ready for any terrain

Most skateboarders prefer to ride the streets, but the Cycleaegle is not for them. Her element is impassability.

The Cycleaegle skateboard is equipped with four 1000-watt brushless electric motors, each of which drives its own wheel, forming an independent suspension. The power is provided by a removable lithium battery, which is reportedly designed for a range of 22 km per charge.

Acceleration and braking of the Cycleaegle takes place using a wireless remote control. The maximum speed of the skate is 43 km / h; it also has reverse gear. Board length - 118 cm, weight - 19.5 kg (version 4WD) and 17.5 kg (version 2WD).

The Cycleaegle board is made of aerospace aluminum coated with a protective layer of carbon fiber. It has a ground clearance of 155 mm, which is significantly more than most other off-road skateboards. Each user can customize the board for themselves - in particular, adjust suspension damping and control sensitivity.

The 4WD version of Cycleaegle can be ordered at Indiegogo for $ 1980, and the 2WD version will cost $ 1,480. Retail prices will be significantly higher - 3699 and 2699 dollars respectively.

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