Coronavirus can become a chronic disease

Scientists have suggested that COVID-19 coronavirus disease can go from active to chronic. This hypothesis is based on evidence of re-infection cases that have been reported in China in the past few months.

The virus could remain in a latent latent form, as the human immune system did not take it under full control. Another assumption of Russian experts is due to the fact that the new strain mutates at a high speed and people simply do not have time to develop antibodies to it, so they get sick again. Also, cases of reinfection can be associated with errors in test systems, the error of which is high.

As Pavel Volchkov, head of the genomic engineering laboratory of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, explained to Izvestia, usually during treatment, the immune system completely destroys all infected cells and eliminates viruses in the blood. Repeated symptoms suggest that the virus is still present in the human body.

“One of the options for explaining re-infection is as follows: in patients there is a transition of the disease from the acute to the chronic phase, in which the amount of viral particles in the body may fluctuate. The virus can come back, because the immune system during the acute phase of the disease did not take it under complete control and a large number of organs were infected, ”said the specialist.

However, the fact that an infection has been detected in the body of already recovered people does not necessarily mean re-illness. Perhaps, in this case, the disease “hid” and is already asymptomatic, said Maria Orlova, a senior researcher at the Institute of X-Bio Tyumen State University, in a conversation with Izvestia.

According to her, repeated cases of infection may be due to the inability of a person to form long-lived antibodies to this pathogen. This may also indicate a high ability of the virus to mutate.

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