Chinese scientists intend to create transforming robots from liquid metal

A team of researchers from Tsinghua University in China has created a new material with the code name "liquid metal", which easily changes shape while maintaining basic qualities. And although effects are far from the abilities of the famous T-1000 from the movie Terminator-2, scientists already see the new prospects for creating various types of robots. In particular, marine - due to the high buoyancy of the material.

The composition is based on an alloy of gallium and indium, the melting point of which is only 15.5 поэтому, so at room temperature the metal already becomes liquid and is able to change shape without the consumption of energy. In the thickness of the metal there are tiny bubbles with air, which provide it with an extremely low density and excellent buoyancy. But such an additive did not affect the conductivity or the ability to fix the shape during solidification.

If a sheet is cast from such liquid metal, then it can be folded according to the origami principle up to 8 times without loss of strength and other operational qualities. This paves the way for creating various tools, grips and nozzles for robot manipulators, which can be changed depending on the current task.

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