Chinese Model 3 is now 20 times weaker than global versions due to coronavirus

We are already used to the news that the coronavirus has affected or will affect the supply of certain products. But the other day it became known that the outbreak in China had an unusual effect on the production of Tesla Model 3 cars.

New buyers began to complain that their cars are equipped with Hardware 2.5 hardware systems instead of the usual Hardware 3.0 for this model. It is this equipment that is also responsible for the autopilot functions.

As it turned out, the outbreak of coronavirus was to blame - because of it, Tesla simply does not have the required number of components. But the company promised a free update in the future for everyone who got the “inferior” Model 3.

Returning to the HW 3.0 hardware, it seems that we are talking about Tesla FSD (full self-driving) processors, which replaced Nvidia's solutions and are 21 times ahead of the latter.

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