China is reborn. All major Hainan trading companies resumed work

Now in the region there is only one infected

While Europe and other regions of the world are trying to confront the coronavirus pandemic, China is recovering successfully. Hainan South China Commerce Department confirmed. that all large foreign trade companies with foreign capital resumed work by the middle of this month. For several weeks, the companies did not work due to coronavirus and quarantine.

    All key enterprises returned to work, observing the necessary precautions. Our province is actively expanding the scope of international trade and investment activities, and some companies have recently been showing noticeable success.
                                                                                                                Hainan Commerce Department

The region has about 60 large companies that provide more than 90% of Hainan's exports. All these companies have completely restored their production and commercial activities. The province continues to actively attract foreign investment, which in January and February increased by about 100% year on year (to $ 119 million). Moreover, despite the difficult situation, some local companies were able to increase the supply.

Now in the region there is only one infected, who is undergoing preventive treatment. Restored traffic, open tourist attractions.

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