China develops specialized chips for 5G base stations and servers

This is part of a program to reduce dependence on US suppliers.

According to industry sources, Chinese cloud service providers and server providers are actively developing their own solutions in the form of specialized chips.

Currently, Chinese manufacturers are focusing on high-end solutions with an average price of more than $ 100, including processors for AI, processors for 5G base stations costing about $ 300, and processors for servers worth more than $ 600.

These costly solutions are designed based on advanced technological standards. Development partners are Taiwanese IP design companies including Global Unichip, Alchip, MediaTek, Phison Electronics and RDC Semiconductor. According to them, the number of orders coming from mainland China will double in 2020 compared to 2019. This is a consequence of the country's ongoing program to reduce dependence on American suppliers and build its own microelectronic industry.

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