Boeing has developed a combat helicopter of the future

As part of the U.S. Army's Advanced Perspective Attack Intelligence Aircraft (FARA) Prototype Competition, Boeing introduced its concept of a future helicopter, which may soon replace its outdated predecessor to the Cold War era - Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. In addition to Boeing, Bell, AVX Aircraft, Karem Aircraft and Sikorsky are participating in the competition.

Until recently, Boeing kept secret its version of FARA, but recently an image and a schematic description of some features of this promising two-seat attack helicopter have been published.

In accordance with the presented concept, FARA from Boeing will be equipped with a brand new General Electric E901 turboshaft engine, a six-blade main rotor, a tail rotor and a four-blade pusher. The helicopter will be able to accelerate to 330 km / h.

The narrow cabin has a tandem layout and a common control interface for both crew members. The machine will have modern controlled avionics, autonomous capabilities, a large display with a touch screen will be installed in the cockpit. The FARA has two ammunition compartments on each side of the fuselage and a 20 mm nose cannon.

Ka reports the online edition of Defense News, prototypes of prototypes should be ready for flights by 2023, and serial production of the winning project will begin in 2028.

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