Black Shark 3 Pro differs from Black Shark 3 much more than expected

     In addition to the standard version of the gaming smartphone Black Shark 3, a version of Black Shark 3 Pro was also announced, which differs much more than originally expected.

    It has the same single-chip system, it is Snapdragon 865, the smartphone supports 65-watt charging, like the younger version, and has the same camera, but there are noticeable differences in terms of controls, screen and battery.

     Let's start with the Black Shark 3 Pro screen, the diagonal of which has been increased to 7.1 inches, and the resolution in this case is not 1080p, but 2K. The refresh rate is 90 Hz, and the polling frequency of the sensor layer is 270 Hz. The battery capacity has grown up to 5000 mAh; it takes about 38 minutes to fully charge it.

     The biggest changes to the Black Shark 3 Pro are mechanical buttons that can be pushed and hidden as needed. The manufacturer claims that during normal use (not in games) the buttons are hidden in the case and are not felt, but in games they can provide much more control and zero delay.

     The buttons have a stroke of 1.5 mm, the retractable mechanism is designed for 300,000 cycles of operation, and the buttons can withstand a million clicks. The developers claim that when creating this element of the smartphone had to go through 100 different options. The smallest part of the smartphone has a size of 0.8 mm.
     Black Shark 3 Pro is available in Phantom Black and Armor Gray colors. The version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory costs $ 673, the option with 12/256 GB of memory will cost $ 716.

     Pre-orders will begin to be accepted on March 10, and the smartphone will go on sale on March 17.

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