Black Shark 3 can do 256-megapixel photos that weigh 100 MB each

Presented the other day, the Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro smartphones are gaming devices. And for them, the most important features are precisely those that are somehow related to games.

Cameras do not belong to these, so Xiaomi decided not to overload smartphones with too expensive top-end image sensors. However, it turned out that smartphones have one curious software function that acts on the principle opposite to the binning familiar to us. If in the latter case the information from several neighboring pixels is combined into one, reducing the resolution of the final picture, then in the case of the new function of Black Shark 3 smartphones, the software, on the contrary, increases the resolution by “gluing” four photos into one.

The result is a snapshot with a resolution of 13824 x 18432 pixels, which takes 100 MB! An insider who tested this mode writes that the resulting photos look very clear, but are more like oil painting.

It is also noted that obtaining such a picture takes 10 seconds, and this is on the top-end SoC Snapdragon 865.

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