Bitcoin cryptocurrency fell by 25% in just a day

The exchange crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affected the Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange rate. In just a day, she lost 25% of the cost, having fallen in price to $ 5,678 - the lowest level since May 2019. At the time of news preparation, the price has risen a little, but is still below the $ 6,000 mark.

Meanwhile, major European stock indices, such as German DAX, French CAC and British FTSE 100, fell by at least 6%. S&P 500 futures lost more than 4.5% in value, as did the Japanese Nikkei index.

Since the spread of coronavirus does not yet show signs of slowdown, the fall in stock prices and Bitcoin may continue.

The source notes that gold - a classic asset-refuge - not only did not fall in price, but, on the contrary, added a little in price.

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