Best Friend: Robot Cleaner

Beetl can be the best friend of man’s best friends. This small wheeled machine without unnecessary words will delete everything that many careless dog breeders do not like to clean, walking their pets.

It is enough to indicate to the system the perimeter of the "subordinate" site, and the miniature janitor will begin to operate fully automatically. It is equipped with cameras and artificial intelligence for navigation, recognition of obstacles, as well as everything that needs to be removed. Having determined the target, Beetl moves forward on it and, using a small clamshell bucket, places it in the inner container.

Unfortunately, while such a robot is only a concept, a team of Cambridge University graduate Xiong Chang is working on it. He announced the idea back in 2017, intending to provide Beetl subscription services with a fairly moderate monthly payment. However, the inventors still continue to test and refine, and the fate of the project remains vague.

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