Aston Martin decided it was time for his cars to fly

In recent years, many automobile concerns have tried their hand at the air transportation market. Here is another candidate who has decided to create a luxurious flying taxi, and this is Aston Martin.

Aston Martin will now compete with Rolls-Royce and Audi in partnership with Airbus.
Aston Martin announced his new project. And this is not about a car or another submarine concept. The British company created a flying vehicle called the Volante Vision Concept.

Volante Vision Concept is a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The result was a triple car with vertical take-off and landing, which is equipped with a hybrid system with an electric motor. According to the authors of the idea, a flying vehicle with three rotors should serve for daily trips to work or long flights. The Volante Vision Concept is to become a luxury air taxi. In other words, he will fight for those customers who are looking for fast air transport, but do not want to use Uber helicopters or flying taxis. Moreover, Aston Martin claims that thanks to the new form of travel it will be possible to live at a considerable distance from the place of work than at present.

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