Artificial intelligence entrusted to finish Beethoven’s last symphony

After the death of Ludwig van Beethoven in 1827, only a few fragments remained, which were to become the tenth symphony. Unfortunately, the maestro did not leave notes about his intentions, and therefore it is impossible to guess what the melody should be. Recently, a decision was made - to entrust the completion of the symphony to artificial intelligence.

The project is international in nature, involving musicologists and programmers from different countries. AI for this work is designed from scratch, individually. This is not so much an AI composer as a researcher of Beethoven, his man-made spiritual heir. AI must reproduce the train of thought and creative intent of the composer in order to complete the 10th symphony.

To solve this task of learning only with the help of music is not enough. Together with Beethoven’s famous compositions, the AI ​​receives data on how they were created, what or who and how influenced the composer, what mistakes he made. A great example is the “Heroic Symphony”, for which extensive drafts and early drafts have been preserved.

It is important that AI learn to combine an idea, a design, and a specific musical color. But not somehow, but exactly as Beethoven would do, including restrictions on the musical instruments used, on the acoustic qualities of the halls where music will be performed and much more. After the melody appears, it will be processed by living specialists, and in April 2020 it can be played at a concert in Bonn, in the composer's homeland.

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